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Review: this is best bike phone mount I've seen

Alia Parker's picture
The Quad Lock with the protective poncho, mounted vertically on the stem.

Looking around for a phone mount for my bike recently, I have been surprised to find just how few good quality products are out there. I figured because cycling apps have become so popular that there would be a stack of nice phone mounts out there, but it turns out most of them are rather bulky, unsightly and questionably secure.

What I want is what most consumers are looking for: to be able to mount my phone to my bike so I can use cycling apps while keeping the phone accessible and secure, oh, and without looking like I have a gigantic robotic arm reaching out of my handlebars (a little vain, but I appreciate good design).

Quad Lock bike mount, Cycle Traveller.The product I've found to meet all these criteria is the Quad Lock. Quad Lock claims to be the lightest and the strongest bike phone mount on the market, and from what I've seen, this claim seems fair. I would add that it's also the most versatile, as you can buy additional accessories which allow you to mount the phone for other purposes, such as to your arm for jogging, or to your car while driving.

I've been testing a Quad Lock Bike Kit for iPhone 5 for the past two months and have been really pleased with its performance. The company makes a number of cases for popular phone models – including the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 – as well as a universal mount for phones not in the range.

What is it?

Quad Lock is a mounting system designed by Melbourne-based company Annex Products. It consists of two main parts: the mount (which is placed on the bike); and a phone attachment (which is built into the back of the phone case).

The two parts lock together easily and securely. Importantly, no amount of bumping or shaking will make the phone budge, even on mountain bike trails!

QuadLock Bike Kit, Cycle TravellerIn the box

The Bike Kit contains a phone case designed to be used both on and off the bike. It's durable and looks like a standard phone case from the front, however, the Quad Lock system has been integrated into the back of the case while keeping the case looking sleek. In other words, when sitting on your desk, the Quad Lock phone case looks like a normal phone case – not like the handy dandy sporting product that it is. The protective case is made from thermoplastic polyurethane with a polycarbonate core and has a slight degree of flexibility allowing it to stretch around the phone and snap into place.

Also in the box is the mount for the bicycle's handlebar or stem, and some different sized rubber O-rings and zip ties for your choice of attaching the mount to the bike.

Finally, there's also a clear plastic poncho for protecting your phone from dust and rain while you ride. The poncho doesn't have cut outs over the phone's buttons, microphone and speakers, helping to provide proper protection. However, you can still use the phone's touch screen and even make and receive calls with the poncho on, which is convenient, so you'll never need to hurriedly try to peel off the poncho to answer a call.

QuadLock phone mount for bicycles. Cycle TravellerHow it works

The Quad Lock mechanism is circular with four protruding points. The face plate in the phone case neatly fits over the bike mount like two matching pieces of a puzzle. You then twist the phone case around, locking the phone into place. Once it has locked into position, that's it – it's locked. You can slam your bike around as much as you want and the phone will stay stable. The only way to remove the phone is to push down the blue button on the Quad Lock mount, which can't be done by accident.

Mounting positions

You can mount your phone either vertically or horizontally, which is very handy depending on the app being used. To mount it vertically, position the phone over the mount in a horizontal position, then twist to the vertical position, and vice-versa to mount it horizontally. You can also mount it to either the bike's stem or to the handlebar.

Bottom line

The Quad Lock phone case mounted horizontally on the stem.

I highly rate this product. The main concern most cyclists will have about mounting their phone to their bike is security. No one wants their phone to fall off or get trashed, and the Quad Lock is incredibly secure. The phone can't accidentally fall off. Over time, the rubber O-rings that connect the mount to the bike may degrade and loosen, so for those concerned, you can always use the zip ties.

The clear plastic poncho is a handy addition to prevent dust and water from damaging the phone while out riding. I feel confident of the poncho's ability to protect the phone in light rain, but I would err on the side of caution and put my phone away in torrential rain . This is because the case is protective, but not waterproof, so in the event that you get stuck in a downpour and water is splashing at your phone from underneath, I would put it somewhere out of harm's way.

Lastly, it looks great. It's neat and sleek, and it won't crowd your bike's cockpit.


I agree with everything here - I have used a quadock for a month now, on those road edges that shake the beejesus out of everything on your bike, the phone mount is fixed and immovable. Great product, not too pricey, good service and fast delivery.

The have also just released the "Out Front" mount. This allows the phone to be mounted out in front of the handlebars. There are two versions, one with just the phone mount and another great one which includes an attachment for a GoPro - this feature for some will be fantastic!

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