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Bike SA launches poll for cyclist input on new safety campaign

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South Australia citizens jury on road safety. Cycle Traveller

South Australia's community cycling group Bike SA has launched a poll to help gather information that would be useful in developing an effective media campaign for cyclists and motorists to share the road.

The poll, which is available here, asks two questions: the most important thing motorists can do to improve road safety for cyclists; and the most important thing cyclists can do to improve their own safety as well as the safety of all road users.

The results will be provided to South Australia's Motor Accident Commission, which will be developing a communications campaign in response to the findings of the Premier’s Citizens' Jury on road safety.

“Bicycle SA has created a short one minute poll that seeks cyclists' input on the issue and we will pass the results of this survey to the MAC to assist them in developing an effective communications campaign,” the organisation said.

The Premier's Citizens' Jury – where 37 public citizens from diverse backgrounds were independently selected to suggest ways of improving road safety, specifically between vehicles and cyclists – was conducted in 2014 with the findings released in January this year.

Experts, lobbyists, activists, community groups and citizens were encouraged to present their points-of-view to the Jury.

Of the 21 recommendations made in the final report, the government said it supported 18 and would investigate the remaining three. (Read the Citizens' Jury Report here and the South Australian Government's response here.)

The key recommendations supported by the South Australian government include:

  • One metre does matter! Legislate a safe passing distance
  • Introduce formal cycling education in schools
  • Permanent change to the drivers’ licence permit process which includes rolling the Cycling Law Handbook into the Drivers Handbook and a compulsory two questions on cycling in the drivers' licence test
  • Legalise cycling on footpaths where no safe alternative exists
  • Improve cycling infrastructure, including connecting existing bike lanes, establishing a minimum lane width standard, and cycling infrastructure included in new road projects
  • Connect and extend existing greenways and bike tracks
  • Install secure bike cages at all major train stations and bus terminals
  • Paint ‘green boxes’ for cyclists at all major intersections across the width of the carriageway.
  • Collaborative Media and Messaging
  • Annual ‘safe cycling environment’ award for best urban and best regional council

Initiatives the government said it would investigate further include:

  • Trial bike racks on front of busses
  • Continue to enhance high visibility initiatives
  • Trial the reduction of speed and alter traffic flow in residential and denser areas in the Adelaide CBD, metropolitan hubs and regional town centres

In the 2015-16 State Budget, the government allocated $6.5 million over four years to the continued development of cycling infrastructure.

“Bicycle boulevards are an attractive option for inner city suburbs where space is limited for cycling facilities on main roads,” Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis said.

“We will work with local councils to identify high-priority projects in their areas which will benefit from this investment.” 

Image via SA Citizens Jury.


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Thanks everyone, the survey has now closed.

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