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100km trail from Melbourne to the bush almost complete

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Cycling Victoria's Warburton Trail. Source: Wikipedia. Cycle Traveller

The Victorian Government is set to start work on a $7.4 million bike trail that will connect Melbourne to country Victoria, providing a vital link for both commuters and bike tourists in the region.

Bicycle Network reported that the government is starting construction on a 10.3km bike path along the O'Shannassy Water Pipe between Lilydale and the Dandenong Creek Trail in Bayswater North.

This section of trail will complete the 'missing link' between Melbourne's famous Bay Trail and Peninsula Link Trail in the south and the Warburton Rail Trail east of the city. The end result will be a 100km bike path from Carrum to Warburton, connecting Australia's second biggest city with the bush.

The works follow a commitment made by the previous government to complete the missing link in order to improve safety and open the way to new tourism opportunities in the region. However, due to funding shortfalls, the new section of trail will not be sealed.

“Bicycle Network met with VicRoads earlier this month and despite a funding shortfall to build the preferred concrete path,VicRoads gave assurances that the granitic sand path similar to the Lilydale-Warburton Trail will be built to stringent standards,” Bicycle Network said.

“The initial works will see the installation of signalised crossings at Dorset and Mount Dandenong Roads in Croydon to facilitate safe crossing of these major thoroughfares once the trail is in place.”

The trail is expected to be completed by mid 2016.


This is great news. If only the NSW government had the same foresight...

The NSW government lives in the dark ages when it comes to cycling and catering for less abled cyclists. One HUGE example the steps off the northern end of the Harbor Bridge. A joke. I've givern up I should just ride across the bridge. I'm in so much more danger coming down those stairs what am I saying I can't even walk down those stairs with my trike. So riding the bridge is the only way for me to cross the harbor safely. Will someone from North Sydney Council get back to me or are u too busy sitting on your fat arse.

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