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Review: a mini floor pump perfect for bike travellers

Alia Parker's picture
Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HVG bicycle tyre pump. Cycle Traveller Review

I'm a stickler for tyre pressure, so I like to carry a bicycle tyre pump with a pressure gauge when I'm touring. I also hate having to pump a teeny tiny hand pump 200 times to get to my desired PSI only to struggle with aching arms at the end as each pump becomes harder.

So I was pretty pleased to come across Lezyne's Micro Floor Drive high-volume pump with gauge (HVG) as it has been designed to kill both those bird's with one stone.

I've been using it when out on the road for the past nine months. Here's what I've found.

What is it?

This pump weighs 225 grams and is about the size of a hand pump, but is designed to work more like a floor pump – that is, you place it on the ground and apply pressure downwards. It has an aluminium barrel, shaft and base with a very small T-shaped handle and a fold-out stainless steel foot peg to help you keep it stable. A rubber hose extends from the base with a valve adapter that screws into both Presta and Schrader valves; a pressure gauge is located on the hose.

The pump has been specifically designed to pump a high volume of air with each pump. It can be mounted to a bicycle down tube just like a normal hand pump (although I prefer to just stick it in my pannier because I'm fussy and you've got to admit, this pump looks a little weird).

Lezyne pump gauge. Cycle TravellerPumping performance

Compared with a standard hand pump, the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HVG does make pumping much easier. For starters, my biceps haven't ached at higher PSI levels. The pump is designed to reach a level of 90 PSI (6.2 bar) – more than enough for the average bicycle-touring or mountain-bike tyre. My tyres run at a max of 85 PSI and I haven't had any trouble reaching that point. Interestingly, the gauge reads up to 120 PSI. It has also pumped quickly, generating a good amount of air per press.

The T-shaped handle is small and not something I can really 'grip' with my hand, but it has been rather easy to press down on with my palm.

The fold-out foot peg has been useful in anchoring the pump to the ground, but it isn't sufficient to keep the pump entirely steady on a hard surface. In my experience, it has been much easier to keep it steady when using it on the grass as it wedges in slightly, stopping it from wobbling about when I press down.

Something of note: after a few months of heavy use, the pump shaft became dry, slowing down the pumping action and making a horrible squeaking noise in the process. A couple of drops of bicycle lube seemed to rectify this problem.

Pressure gauge

Thanks to the gauge, I have been able to control my tyre pressure. This is important because too little pressure can lead to pinch flats, while too much can cause a blow out. The pressure gauge has been easy to read with marked intervals of 10 PSI, with the midway point between each easy to identify.

Lezyne pump valve attachment. Cycle Traveller

It is important to note, however, that the gauge does have a tendency to get stuck after a few pumps. To get an accurate reading, I found I would need to press the release button (located near the valve adapter) to reset the gauge to zero, after which the next pump would bring up the correct reading.

Bottom line

The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HVG pump is a practical choice for touring cyclists. Don't get overly excited – it's small, so even though it's designed to work like a larger floor pump, it doesn't have same power. But, it does succeed in making pumping much easier than a hand pump – especially at higher PSI levels – and reduces strain in the biceps. The pressure gauge is also very useful. Overall, a handy tool to have when travelling by bike.


Thanks for the review. Was looking at these as I need a new pump and this convinced me to make the purchase.

I have the big version of this pump, the Steel Floor Drive, & love it & was keen to try this little one for touring for the same reasons as Alia. It was great and I love this little pump, so much better than a little hand pump. I have the valve converter which is great for my road bike too.

Great review ... with thanks.
Just picked one up myself based on your review and trialled it in the garage before I need to use it in anger on the road.
You're correct in saying not to get overly excited, as it is still only a micro pump, however has some handy features.
- foot stand worked fine
- hose swivels out of the base of the pump
- attaches to the valve neatly, especially with the 90 degree attachment
- Found the see-through gauge difficult to read, so with permanent pen, I marked off 60psi
- When I reached 60psi, it only tested 45psi, so I now adjust accordingly
I also threw away the frame mounting kit, as it fits in the Ortleib handlebar bag fine.

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