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First stage of Pineapple Rail Trail opens in Queensland

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The Pinapple Rail Trail has opened in Yeppoon Queensland. Cycle Traveller

Residents of Yeppoon in North Queensland celebrated Australia Day with the official opening of a new rail trail in the region that could one day run all the way to Rockhampton.

The first leg of the Pineapple Rail Trail, opened by Livingstone Mayor Bill Ludwig and State Member for Keppel Bruce Young on January 26, runs 4.5km from the centre of Yeppoon, through bushland to the golf course.

The asphalt trail is triumph for the local bicycle users group, which has been working towards establishing the path since 2006. While the first stage is relatively short, it has paved the way for the disused rail line to be converted to a public thoroughfare.

The group will now focus on getting stage two of the project under way, with the potential to open another 35km of rail line stretching to Broadmeadow.

The remaining 13km section of the railway into Rockhampton is in use, but lobbyists say a bicycle path could run besides the track, creating an important connection to the town.

The railway line was built in 1909 and was an important link transporting people, gold, pineapples and sugarcane. Passenger trains stopped running along the line in 2000 and with the downsizing of pinapple production combined with a move to truck transport for shipping, the line was closed in 2004.

The Rockhampton Regional Council has said it would hold the lease for the corridor, keeping the land available for the public.

The local bicycle users group is looking for people interested in helping with the trail, with hopes to improve it with seating, sign posts and information signs.


.hi just letting you know I aprecatie your great work I have ridden many rail trails 40 50 ks long they are a great concept

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