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Mass cycle in support of Adelaide's Frome Street Bikeway

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Adelaide's Frome Street Bikeway is opening. Cycle Traveller

Following a nasty talk-back radio backlash against Adelaide's new Frome Street Bikeway, Bicycle SA is organising a mass ride for cyclists to show their pedal power.

The separated cycle lane, which opens tomorrow, runs on a north-south axis along the east of the city centre, providing cyclists with a safe passage through Adelaide.

“There are calls for the newly designed Frome Street Bikeway to be ripped up or re-engineered – before one cyclist has even ridden the route,” Bicycle SA said on its website. “This is a watershed moment for Adelaide, and could be the first of many bike lanes to come.”

While the development has been welcomed by cyclists and would-be cyclists, some criticisms have been made by newspaper columnist and talk-back radio hosts who say the new bikeway will create traffic along the road. Adelaide City Council came out firing in defence of the bikeway saying that it was key to reducing congestion in the city.

“There are currently 29 north south traffic lanes for cars in the city – there are zero separated bikeway lanes to safely accommodate bike riders,” the Council said. “The changes we have started to make to Frome St will alter this to 27 to 2 – still way in favour of the car and providing a much safer option for riders.”

To show support for the Frome Street Bikeway, Bicycle SA invites everyone with a bike to come out for a morning ride into the city when the new lane opens on Wednesday.

What: Frome Street Bikeway opening
Where: Start at South Parklands-South Terrace (Opposite Charlotte Street) and ride along the new Frome Street bikeway all the way to Pirie Street.
When: 8am

Bicycle SA said about 40% of people entering the city come by car while 40% use public transport.

“This is not about Us vs. Them. This is not about Cars Vs. Bikes. Every person, no matter what form of transport they use, should be able to get from A to B safely,” it said. “If you want cycling culture to move forward, and if you want to see more cycle infrastructure in Adelaide , then bring yourself, your friends, your family and your treadly to Frome Street on Wednesday morning at 8am.”


The prime market of talk back radio hosts is people stuck in traffic, often feeling resentful and wanting something to hate. Talk-back radio occupies this vacuum. It does so often at the expense of the innocent. Talk back hosts who are critical of cyclists are invalidated by an inherent bias - in that they benefit from traffic congestion. This prejudice must be called out.

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