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South Australia

Simon Parker's picture

The Wineries Route: rail trails through Clare and Barossa

Cycling through the Barossa Valley. Cycle Traveller

South Australia is blessed with some excellent cycling infrastructure, and three of its best cycle paths are the basis of this trip, which is a great bicycle touring route for cyclists of all abilities. That the route travels through some of the world's premiere wine growing regions – the Barossa and the Clare Valleys – and is close to Adelaide, makes it even more attractive. And if you've never been cycle touring before, its leisurely pace means it's perfect for those looking to try out their very first self-supported ride.

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Cycling the Mawson Trail slip and slide: part 2

Camping at Chigwidden Dam on the Mawson Trail. Cycle Traveller

Last month, Peter and Vicki Webber introduced us to the first 484km of their cycling adventure along the 900km Mawson Trail, which runs from the outskirts of Adelaide northwards into the stunning Flinders Ranges. After a somewhat wet and muddy start, we find out how the adventure ended.

Peter Webber's picture

Cycling the Mawson Trail slip and slide: part 1

Cycling South Australia's Mawson Trail. Cycle Traveller

Peter and Vicki Webber take on South Australia's 900km Mawson Trail, which runs north out of the Adelaide Hills, through the vineyards and up to the State's highest town, Blinman, in the Flinders Ranges. With scorching summer temperatures in the ranges, the pair begin the ride in June during winter. But what troubles will the rainy season bring to the predominantly dirt route designed for mountain bikes and very sturdy touring bikes? Here's part one of Peter's account.

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