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GPS tracks for NSW and Victorian coast and mountains bicycle touring loop

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A bicycle touring loop through NSW and Victoria. Cycle Traveller

These GPS tracks have been kindly provided by Hans Vanhöfen from Germany, who cycled through NSW and Victoria, Australia in 2015. Read what he has to say about the Coast vs Mountains route in Mountains vs the East Coast. Which route should I take? or find out more about Hans on his website.

Route: Sydney and back via the Great Dividing Range, the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne and the South Coast
Distance: 2,630km


Sydney to Melbourne via the GDR

Day 2: Picton to Goulburn, NSW – 149km
Day 3: Goulburn to Canberra, ACT – 117km
Day 4: Canberra to Cooma, NSW – 131km
Day 5: Cooma to Thredbo, NSW – 97km
Day 6: Thredbo to Corryong, VIC ​– 103km


Melbourne to Sydney via the East Coast

Train from Melbourne to Warrnambool

Eden NSW Shutterstock. Cycle Traveller

Day 14: New Haven to Foster, VIC – 106km
Day 15: Foster to Sale, VIC – 128km
Day 16: Sale to Lakes Entrance, VIC – 108km
Day 18: Cann River to Eden, NSW – 111km
Day 19: Eden to Bermagui, NSW – 97km
Day 21: Batemans Bay to Nowra, NSW – 119km
Day 22: Nowra to Shell Harbour, NSW – 62km
Day 23: Shell Harbour to Dural, NSW – 128km
Images: 1. Map by Hans Vanhöfen. 2. Kosciuszko, Australia. 3. Eden, NSW, Australia (Source: Shutterstock.)

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