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Welcome to the launch of the all new Cycle Traveller magazine

Alia Parker's picture
Bridestowe Lavender Farm, Tasmania. Source: Tourism Tasmania

Welcome to Cycle Traveller, a brand new online magazine for bicycle touring around Australia where you can find information and inspiration for planning your bike trip, whether it's your first, or 31st!

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what inspires someone to strap a few bags to their bike and set off on a journey. For some it's the physical test of powering yourself from town to town, state to state or coast to coast. For others, it's the mental challenge of nailing that hill climb, fighting the headwind and going the distance, day after day.

If there's one thing we all have in common, it's the pure enjoyment, the calm of silence, the breeze on our face, the places we see and the people we meet.

For me, it's the freedom, the ability to escape the daily grind in exchange for the great outdoors, the landscapes, and that feeling that engulfs your entire body at the end of a long day's ride that says, hey you actually did something.

If you're planning a bike trip, you've come to the right place. Whether you're new to touring or an old hand, this site provides routes, maps, resources, things to see and do and a forum for connecting with others.

Cycling in Australia is like no place else. From wild seascapes, ancient mountain ranges, desert plains, expansive bushland, dense rainforest, rolling farmland; it is the oldest continent on the planet, carved out millennia ago by glaciers and volcanoes. Its first peoples, the Aboriginals, the world's oldest surviving culture, imprint a unique identity upon a country that, after British colonisation, has gone on to become one of the most multicultural on earth.

For those who are contemplating their first tour, Cycle Traveller aims to take the mystery out of bicycle touring with practical advice for cycling all around Australia, from safe roads, places to stay, where to eat, what to see and do.

This site is new and we'll continue to build up more great content every week. If there's a question you'd like to ask, a story you'd like to tell or some information you'd like to share, drop me an email at

Hope to see you out and about!

Alia Parker

Editor, Cycle Traveller

Images: Bridestowe Lavender Farm, Tasmania. Source: Tourism Tasmania.


Carrinm's picture

Always excited to see a new cycling resource to cover the wonder of cycling in Australia.

I have ridden across the byways and highways of Australia quite a few times in a variety of modes - on organised events; on supported tours; as an Audax rider; in training and as a loaded tourist.

Next year I am taking part in a few legs of Cycle Around Australia 2013 which departs Melbourne in March and arrives back in Melbourne in September after passing through legs to Cairns, Darwin, Broome, and Perth. This is the first time that a supported trip is being run continuously around Australia. The group will be small (no more than 20). Most of the riders have ridden across Australia on past tours though we do have a few new riders on some legs. We have become friends for life and we certainly have learned to love the vastness and the variety that is Australia.

And my role is no more than rider and website builder and enthusiast. I will be riding from Katherine to Perth as I have already cycled legs from Rockhampton to Darwin and from Broome to Perth and Perth to Melbourne and Darwin to Adelaide.

For readers interested come along to

Mark Carrington

Alia Parker's picture

Thanks for the warm welcome Mark.

I hope you get a good bunch of people out riding. Once you hit the road, keep us up-to-date with your whereabouts because our readers would love to track your journey.

Ride on!

Alia Parker
Editor | Cycle Traveller

elsantiago's picture

great to see the launch of this fabulous new website! i look forward to getting involved. definitely a lot of great resources here to whet the appetite for my next big adventure!

Threeforthree's picture

Wow how appropiate is finding this perfect timing to help me plan my Trip from Cairns to the Tip. Looking forward to all your story's.


Alia Parker's picture

Thanks Wade. 

If you're headed up to Cape York, you'll be interested in the Cycling Dutch Girl's story. Check it out here:


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