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Bicycle touring New Zealand. Shutterstock. Cycle Traveller

Have you got a bicycle touring story to share? Looking to receive some exposure for your blog or simply let everyone know about your amazing adventure?

Cycle Traveller readers love to hear stories about where other cyclists have ridden and what they have seen, and we love to be able to share those stories.

Please take a minute to read the following guidelines to make submitting content as slick as a race tyre.

Submission guidelines

What we will publish: It almost goes without saying, but we need to say it anyway – your article needs to be related to bicycling and travel. We accept stories about bicycle touring adventures, touring people, and cycling holiday destinations you have personally experienced. Your article should be a first-hand account.

Articles will be published on Cycle Traveller with your name and, if applicable, a link to your blog, social media profile or charity. You're welcome to include a short bio at the end of your story. We'll promote your story via our social media links. For those who are quite prolific, stories that have been published elsewhere may be accepted, and only if you are the author and own the copyright to the post.

Photos and video: The best photos tell a story of the experience. We love photos with you or your cycling companions in them, and generally prefer not to publish photos of pretty flowers or food, unless it is absolutely critical to your story. Photos need to be in focus and have a minimum pixel width of 800px, and you must be the owner of the photos. Please send through a few photos for selection. You are also welcome to share your videos and we can link through to your Youtube or Vimeo accounts.

Article submissions should be at least 500 words long and no more than 1500 words, unless prior approval has been sought. All articles will be proofread and potentially edited for spelling and grammatical errors or length.

What we won't approve

We like to maintain a high standard of content at Cycle Traveller and so it is important to note that we will not publish spam, profanity or defamatory content.

If your content is commercial, such as about a tour company, accommodation provider or other related travel business, or product material about a bicycle, gear and equipment for cycling, travel and camping, we welcome your enquiry via our Advertising channel. For more information, please refer to our Media Kit.

How to submit your article

Please email your article to Alia at

Photos that are too large to attach to the email may be sent via a Dropbox link. Thank you!

Image: Bikepacking in New Zealand. Source: Shutterstock