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Great Vic cycling holiday heads to the hills

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Cyclists on the 2013 Great Victorian Bike Ride. Cycle Traveller

It's the biggest event on the recreational cycling calendar – the Great Victorian Bike Ride – and this summer it's heading to the hills.

“Twenty-fourteen will be a touring cyclist’s delight, winding its way through the hills and valleys of the spectacular North East of Victoria," Bicycle Network CEO Craig Richards said. “We will also be recreating a little bit of history as the first Great Vic in 1984 took some of the same route (it went from Wodonga to Melbourne).”

In 2014 – the 31st year the mass cycling holiday has run – the Great Vic will take cyclists on a 520km journey from Aulbury to Lilydale through the picture perfect Victorian High Country.

The fully supported ride will run over nine days from November 29 to December 7 with stops in Yackandandah, Bright, Moyhu, Mansfield, Alexandra and Healesville, finishing up through the Black Spur.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity to take time out, get physically active and have a lot of fun,” said Mr Richards. “It really is a week in another world”.

For those who don't have nine days up their sleeve, or who don't want to ride all nine days, there are two other ride options: a five-day ride between Aulbury and Mansfield, which is 334km; or a three-day ride from Mansfield to Lilydale via the Black Spur, which is 186km.

Event organisers said they expect more than 4,000 cyclists to take part in the 2014 Great Vic.

The mass ride is a fully catered event with camping accommodation. Extensive support is provided, including meals, luggage transport, a licensed cafe under canvas, massage, full medical team, and entertainment and bicycle repair facilities. Transport for riders and their bikes is also organised at the end of the event.

For more information, or to book your place, visit


great article, i always to visit Australia !!

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