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Vincent Brouillet cycling the BNT near Boonah, Queensland. Cycle Traveller
Wednesday, 15/07/15 - 1 comment(s)

Vincent Brouillet migrated to Australia from France about five years ago, working as an IT consultant in Sydney. But restlessness soon got the better of him and determined to escape the “fish tank” of corporate life, the 28-year-old packed up and moved to Victoria to train for a few months before tackling the Bicentennial National Trail (BNT) – or as others have nicknamed it, the Big Nasty Trail. It would be his first real bike adventure. “It was like a big bang effect. All this energy, compressed, suppressed for... + continue reading


Cycling the coastal bike path from Dalmeny to Narooma. Cycle Traveller
5 today
Wednesday, 01/07/15 - 0 comment(s)
The green hills dip and rebound steeply, carved out by the trickling waters that run to the lakes and onto the ocean. Cycling through Central Tilba, you'll need your granny gears, but... + continue reading

Trip Blog

The top of Montevecchio, Emilia Romagna, in memory of Marco Pantani.
4 today
Wednesday, 22/07/15 - 0 comment(s)
I have sandbags weighing down my eyes – heavy, gritty, sandbags. My first two days in Italy have been too much fun. Still recovering from the long sleepless flight from Australia, two days of... + continue reading


AQUAhydrate 1L bottle fits into a standard drink bottle cage.
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Tuesday, 28/07/15 - 0 comment(s)
I have a guilty relationship with sports drinks: I don't like them, but I drink them, then I feel bad about the excess sugar and artificial gunk I just put into my body while acknowledging... + continue reading

What's On

A cyclists curves along the Great Ocean Road on last year's 25000spins ride.
1 today
Thursday, 16/07/15 - 1 comment(s)
Cycling Victoria's Great Ocean Road is on the bucket list for many, and if you're going to take on the famous route, it's a good opportunity to raise some funds to help those in need. “It is... + continue reading


Cycling across the Sandy Creek Inlet bridge, Victoria. Cycle Traveller
6 today
Wednesday, 13/05/15 - 6 comment(s)
There are many rail trails across Australia; some are beautifully sealed and signposted, others have been barely touched since the rail sleepers were removed. The overwhelming majority of rail trails... + continue reading


Textile artist Janet Renouf-Miller's brompton and yarn in Scotland. Cycle Traveller
2 today
Wednesday, 01/07/15 - 0 comment(s)
Artist Janet Renouf-Miller has set off on a bike trip of a different kind: throughout July and August she'll be knitting a unique glimpse of Scottish life: the roadside objects found while cycling the country. The... + continue reading