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Cycling through Grand Teton National Park south of Yellowstone. Cycle Traveller
Sunday, 07/12/14 - 0 comment(s)

Imagine riding down a road and coming upon a large open field with a large cloud of steam rising above pockets of bubbling water. There are geologically shaped cauldrons with thick bubbly sulphur-smelling liquid, and further along, a geyser of water shoots into the air. When you get home from your bike tour and tell your friends what you saw, they reply by asking what and how much alcohol you consumed! This was the same reaction to explorers of Yellowstone National Park during the early part of the 19th ... + continue reading


Cycling through the Barossa Valley. Cycle Traveller
2 today
Thursday, 02/10/14 - 2 comment(s)
South Australia is blessed with some excellent cycling infrastructure, and three of its best cycle paths are the basis of this trip, which is a great bicycle touring route for cyclists of all... + continue reading

Trip Blog

Cycling the climbs of the Great Dividing Range on the GDR. Cycle Traveller
4 today
Thursday, 11/12/14 - 3 comment(s)
The Great in Great Dividing Range has come to mean many things to us over the course of this wonderful adventure. Initially, Great meant many of the things you'll find in books and... + continue reading


A Brooks leather saddle, womens B17. Cycle Traveller
1 today
Wednesday, 17/12/14 - 0 comment(s)
A proper saddle adjustment can solve so many of the comfort issues cyclists suffer as the position not only affects your butt, but your knees, feet, neck and shoulders as well. Assuming you... + continue reading

What's On

The Gibb River Road in the Kimberleys Western Australia. Cycle Traveller
4 today
Thursday, 18/12/14 - 0 comment(s)
Cyclists are invited to join a supported bicycle tour of the stunning Kimberleys in Western Australia organised by riders of the Australian Capital Territory's (ACT) cycling group Pedal Power... + continue reading


The view from Makara Peak near Wellington. Cycle Traveller
1 today
Wednesday, 05/11/14 - 0 comment(s)
Surrounded by harbour and hills, Wellington has a strong claim to some of New Zealand's most accessible and stunning bicycle routes and trails. In a route list compiled by the city's bike-... + continue reading


The Tandem Tour 2 cycling the United States Pacific Coast. Photo JMH Photography. Cycle Traveller
1 today
Friday, 05/12/14 - 0 comment(s)
There we were, five new friends embarking on an adventure never done before. While the bike route along the United States' Pacific Coast from Canada to Mexico is well travelled by... + continue reading