Advertising on Cycle Traveller is simple.

Select the ad products you want, set your campaign parameters, add creative and purchase.

  • 1. Choose ad products

    Select the best ad product for your business 
    and add them to your cart.

  • 2. Configure your campaign

    Campaigns are easy to configure; select your
    dates, impressions, and any targeting. Plus confirm
    availability in real-time.

  • 3. Upload creative

    Upload your creative once and its applied to all line
    items. Use the Ad Builder to build dynamic flash ads
    with a just few clicks. Alternatively you can upload
    your own creative.

  • 4. Manage campaign

    Once your campaign has been approved, you'll
    have access to real-time stats and downloadable
    reports to track your campaign's performance in
    your Media Dashboard.

Get your product reviewed.

Email Alia Parker at to find out how to get your product on the Cycle Traveller website.